End User Licence Agreement |
Webfont License


The following is an agreement between you (the user/licencee) and the
foundry Arkitype (licencer / Arkitype, Andrew Footit). If you do not accept
these terms, you will not be able to purchase the font software licence and
you may not use the fonts.


What you are purchasing from Arkitype is a licence to use our fonts (font
software). You are purchasing the rights to use the fonts with respect to the
following terms and conditions. You are not purchasing the copyright of the

Depending on the license purchased, our fonts will be delivered in the
following formats: OpenType (OTF), TrueType (TTF), or WebFont formats
(EOT, WOFF, WOFF2). Additional formats are available on request,
but may require an additional licence.

With the purchase or installation of our fonts you agree to the following:
You are allowed to install the fonts on your computer and embed them on
websites via @font-face.

You will be charged once, with the price based on the number of users and/or
estimated pageviews per month that you require. Pageviews are time based,
are not limited by geography, but pageviews must be for pages that belong to
the same organisation/agency and all domains and sub-domains must belong
to the licencee.

The use of this font is limited to the number of users and the number of
pageviews detailed on the invoice you received with the purchase of the font. If
you increase the number of users or pageviews and Ad impressions beyond the
number detailed on the invoice, you will lose the right to continue to use the
fonts until you update your license to include additional users or pageviews.
You may embed the fonts in static documents (e.g. PDFs). However, you have to
take care they are securely embedded (in read/print-only mode), ensuring the
recipient cannot extract the fonts.

You may make a back-up copy on a second computer. Registered users of
www.arkitype.co are, through their account, able to download fonts they have
licenced at any time.

This licence is not transferable. In the event that you do not want to use the font,
you may not give your rights of use or licence to a third party and you cannot
sell, nor sub-licence the font licence or fonts.

You may not give the fonts to a person who does not own a licence for the font.
(In special cases the fonts may be given to a printer, but they have to accept the
licence and delete/uninstall the fonts after finishing the job)

You may not embed the fonts into an app, or eBook without a Smart Embedding
licence. Contact us, or just purchase one directly in our shop.
You may not embed the fonts into hardware (for example: the displays of
washing machines, toasters, or devices like a GPS navigator, eReader). To do
that, you will need a custom OEM licence and should contact us.
If the yearly gross revenue of the licencee exceeds $40,000,000 the licencee
is not allowed to use our fonts in their logo, in television broadcasts, cinema
movies or in internet streams. Furthermore the licencee may not use our fonts
for products that reproduce letter shapes like, for example, house numbers,
stamps, craft templates or punched letters. Usage of this sort requires an
enlarged and customised licence and, if you are in doubt, contact us for more


Broadcast Use.
Broadcast, Exhibition, Internet and Film Usage includes, but is
not limited to the use of the Font Software to create titling and/or credits for
broadcast via television, on the Internet and/or cable and/or motion
theatrical distribution and/or exhibition. For use in film or in television
broadcasts and where a license for the same has been purchased, the
terms of any such License are limited to an annual broadcast season or the
initial release. Unless otherwise provided for, broadcast usage licensing must
be renewed prior to following season (whether original or re-rerun, both
foreign and domestic) to retain a valid license. Failure to renew a broadcast,
exhibition and film usage license is a breach of this license causing significant
monetary harm to Arkitype Design Studio. Please contact admin@arkitype.co
for Broadcast Licensing or ask about the additional licensing options we have


Derivative works prohibited.

You may not alter Font Software in any manner whatsoever. Reformatting
the Font Software into other formats or for use in other operating systems is
expressly prohibited. Altering or amending the embedding bits characteristics
of the Font Software is expressly prohibited. The Font Software may not be
to create or distribute any electronic document in which the Font Software,
any part thereof, is embedded in a format that permits editing, alterations,
enhancements, or modifications by the recipient of such document. Derivative
works based upon the Arkitype Design Studio Font Software may not be 
sublicensed, sold, leased, rented, lent, or given away without written permission
from Arkitype Design Studio. Arkitype Design Studio shall not be responsible for
unauthorized, modified and/or improperly regenerated, adapted or translated
software or derivative works.


Warranty and limitation of liability

Arkitype fonts can be returned or replaced only if they are defective. Defective
fonts will be replaced if you have a valid proof of purchase and inform us about
the error within 30 days of purchase. This warranty does not apply to font data
that has been converted, manipulated or altered by you.If not caused by
gross negligence or malicious intent by us, Arkitype shall not be 
liable for
any consequences, property or legal responsibility — including, but not 
limited to, lost profits and/or lost data — as a consequence of using our fonts.



Any violation of this agreement by you, the licensee, will terminate this license.
In case of termination, you are obligated to immediately remove all our fonts
and all copies from your system and certify this to us, the licensor.



This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of 
South Africa. This Agreement shall not be subject to the United Nations
Convention on the International Sale of Goods, the application of
which is expressly excluded. The court of jurisdiction is in
Johannesburg, South Africa.



Arkitype reserves the right to modify this license at any time without notice.
However, it will not restrict your previously purchased rights within the license.
Should a regulation of this contract be invalid in whole or part, the validity of
other regulations shall remain unaffected.



In case of doubt or other questions please contact us at any time:
Please send inquiries by e-mail to admin@arkitype.co. On our
www.arkitype.co you can also find alternative contacts.

Version 1.0 / Septermebr 2017