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This will be a regular feature to give you a little look behind the scenes on what we're working on and the new products you can look forward to in the near future.

So... one of the hot new things in type design over the last couple of months is Color Fonts. These fonts are an exciting prospect and something we are playing around with at Arkitype. One of the challenges that face color fonts however is compatibility, these fonts are only compatible with newer versions of Adobe software and when I say newer I mean CC versions. 

All though compatibility may limit users and designers alike of these fonts its still an exciting prospect to create a color font, and that's exactly what we are doing.

Our first release may not be an actual full font but a number system, A layered number system to be precise. What exactly does that mean? We are playing with the idea of a font where users are able to build and layer things like patterns, shapes, and of course numbers. These will all be certain glyph characters within the font so you can layer 2-3 characters on top of each other.  

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